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Georgia Resilient, Youth-Centered, Stable, and Empowered (GA RYSE) Program is Georgia’s Division of Family and Children Services Independent Living Program for youth who eligible and age and developmentally appropriate youth preparing and transitioning into a stable adulthood.

Through this program opportunities and services are provided through appropriate referral resources provided by public-private partnerships and community partners to ensure youth are stable-connected-educated-healthy-employed-housed-and safe.

Know Your
Rig hts

You have more rights than you may think. We have a list of the rights you can expect which includes having a personal advocate to help you, and even answer any questions you may have.


GA/RYSE can assist with basic household startup cost and setup including rental and utility deposits, bedroom suite, dining room furniture and household items, up to a specified amount.

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The National Youth in Transition Database (NYTD) collects information on youth in foster care, including sex, race, ethnicity, date of birth, and foster care status.

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Medicaid coverage to individuals who age out of foster care or age out of Chafee Independence Program Medicaid, through the last day of the month in which the individuals reach 26 years of age.

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Educational and Enrichment Expenses are for expenses to assist youth in transitioning from foster care by attaining a secondary education.

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Is to help current and former foster youth, ages 14-21, to make successful transition to adulthood.

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Emergency assistance is available for up to ninety days. Emergency assistance is expected to be a one -time payment for a temporary or extenuating situation.

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For many youth, their transition into adulthood is further complicated by having poor credit, we can help.

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Monthly Life-Skills Training help youth receive skills in various developmental areas, like: Healthy Relationships, Financial Literacy, Professional Development, and many more.

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Locate a Specialist

Find someone who can help you, near you.

Are you looking for your assigned Independent Living Specialist (ILS). Use the interactive map to locate your assigned ILS by region, county, or name. If you have any trouble connecting with your ILS contact us at

Your ILS is assigned based on your region and is your point person for questions or concerns regarding but not limited to the following: Education Training Vouchers (ETV), to handle your grievance, to support your academic enrichment, identify resources, and ensure you have access to services and programs that compliment your development and transition to adulthood. Use this interactive map to become one step closer to your RYSE to adulthood.

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Check out our upcoming events, such as a training sessions, and opportunities to help young adults with job training and employment.

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Learn how to establish permanent legal bonds with trusted adult caregivers, without severing ties to your biological parents and siblings.

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